CooCoo makes content creation exciting!

An all-in-one platform that allows you to easily send all your stories, videos and other forms of communication  to your customers, employees and the rest of the world.


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Manage your tasks across all digital channels through a single control center

CooCoo Experience™ is built on a best-of-breed strategy with customization and ease of use at its core.

Offer your customers and employees the best experience. Find out what products we offer and how we can help you.

Convert your data into actions

Gain insight into actionable pointers to optimize the customer experience.

Convert your data into actions by using the Xperience platform to get your content to the right target group, at the best time and place.

Your target audience, the center of your communication.

Start compiling the target groups, with the support of the Customer Data Platform.

Create real insights based on your customers' data and discover the driving force of the personalized experience.

Content Manager

We help plan, create and distribute your content across different channels.

Our CMS offers a full content service to keep everything organized and supported in the creation of high-quality content.

Customer Data Platform

Start creating personalized experiences and building 360º degree profiles of your employees and customers.

Provide each target group relevant information each target group with befitting content that they enjoy.


Realtime Dashboard

Measure the performance of your strategy with actionable insights via a real time dashboard component of the CooCoo platform.

See which content has the most impact and generates the highest interaction and improve your conversion rate.

Communication app

Commit to a high degree of involvement and keep your employees informed with our communication app with personalized information.

Let them share interesting articles with their networks or colleagues and ensure social interaction via the network.

Dynamic wayfinding

With our wayfinding solution, your visitors won't get lost. You avoid them piling up at your information desks and therefore give your employees the opportunity to focus on other activities. 

The signage is easy to adjust. If there are changes or if visitor routes need to be temporarily diverted in connection with renovation or evacuation, this can be arranged.


Plugin Appstore

Show information from other applications? Not a problem. Every organization has different needs and different objectives.

In order to meet all requirements, our narrowcasting solution is flexible enough that we can design it according to the wishes of the customer. Check out some examples of third-party plugins and services that work with our software.

Delay Manager

Do you want to use screens in your waiting rooms? Then our delay manager is the ideal solution.

With this extra module we can link agendas of, for example, general practitioners or medical specialists in order to show the delay time or reservation time on the screens. This way your patients know when it's their turn.

All-in one Xperience platfrom

All your communication accesible and shareable from one central environment. CooCoo Xperience provides you with structure and simplicity.

It helps you achieve growth and gives you maximum communication power to make the best use of all underlying software components for the best campaigns.

"CooCoo gives you a head start in your online Communication. Create once, share everywhere"

A Digital Xperience Platform for content strategies that will serve as a solution for your organization!''