How do you apply CooCoo ™ within the different sectors in the market?

Discover how CooCoo ™ helps your organization in the simplicity of good content to everyone and worldwide. We offer a complete and complete platform for communication and interaction with your consumers, the business network and with all your employees. Personal, familiar and easy to use.

Healthcare and hospitals

Help patients and visitors find their way around hospitals through wayfinding. Make the waiting time more pleasant and useful. Let them know when it is their turn and if a doctor is delayed, using client guidance systems. View the case study of hospitals and see how they use our digital signage solution.


Support your visitors with interactive touchscreens. Provide additional information about the origin of products or how they are made. Flag special offers to increase your earnings. Or add an extra experience to products by integrating augmented reality into digital signage. There is more to discover! Let's get in touch.

Public Transport

Provide travelers with the right information at the right time. By using our digital signage software, you can provide travelers with up-to-date travel information and entertainment at stations and on trains. Specific content per train, route or location. Customized content at events travelers attend. View the case study of the Dutch Railways and see how they use our narrowcasting solution.

Corporate Communication

Keep employees up to date with important news about your company. Integrate screens into work processes during daily standup meetings or show dashboard information to your customer service. Enough use cases to aid in the successful implementation of your business strategy.

Business Market

Narrow casting is widely used by companies active in business services. It is an excellent communication channel for welcoming visitors. Make waiting times more pleasant and in large buildings an ideal tool to navigate to the right place with wayfinding. Be inspired by our applications in this sector and see how they use our digital signage solution.


Provides students and teachers with an interactive online and offline communication platform. Focus on streamlined communication across the various online channels and involve each target group in a personal way. Bet on clear reporting on important components at the right time. And support the power of online communities through social online interaction. There is more to discover! Let's get in touch.

"CooCoo delivers Simplicitcy & happieness to your organization, a smile for everyone"

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