On this page you find the apps that we provide within our CooCoo platform

Do you have interest in adding your own app or other apps to the CooCoo platform, feel free to contact us!
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9292 OV App
We added the 9292 OV app in order for your customers or vistors to stay up to date with travel times.
ANP News
Keep your customers and visitors up-to-date with the latest news while they wait in your waitingrooms.
Breathing exercise app
Time for a short breather! Create a moment of calmth between working. This can be done easily with our Breathing exercise app.
Time to challenge your customers and visitors with our braingames. Make the waiting and the waitingrooms a nicer place to be in.
Keep your vistitors and customers up to date with the latest news in 90 seconds.
Patient federation Netherlands
Break moment
Time for a break! A lunch break, coffee break or just a little stretch break: it doesn't matter what type of break you want to call. It is all possible with our break moment app.
Train departures
Keep visitors, customers and collegues up-to-date with the departure times of the train, keep them posted if there are delays or what ever happens. This is all possible thanks to our train departure app, travel prepared to your destination.
Chance of rain? Stay up to date with our weather app, so you know if you need an umbrella or sunscreen.