CooCoo provides a flying start for all your online communication!

CooCoo ensures a flying start for every new campaign. CooCoo is Prisma's new digital experience platform with the main goal of making life easier and more fun. Our ambition is to provide software that is so user-friendly that working with it creates a smile on your face.

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Happiness & Simplicity, that's what CooCoo stands for!

CooCoo lets you enjoy
CooCoo is a Digital eXperience Platform that allows you to send all your stories, videos and other forms of communication super fast and super simple to your customers, employees and the rest of the world.
Communication Strategy
CooCoo knows what your customers like, so you determine the best strategy and CooCoo advises you on the best move to make your content super and to publish it in a targeted manner. A strategy that makes you, your colleagues and your customers happy!
CooCoo for all teams
CooCoo is a flexible, digital experience platform built on an Agile CMS with integrated media library for all content, it is designed to be smart, fast and simple and publish to any desired channel.

Discover the entire CooCoo ™ Suite. And start every day with a smile.

There is a CooCoo for everyone!
CooCoo Suite