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Why the healthcare sector should use narrowcasting
In this article you will learn more about how narrowcasting can be used in the healthcare sector, what the benefits are and why you should consider it for the hospital where you work. Read More
What is a DXP?
You might have heard or seen it the term, DXP. In this article we try and explain what a DXP precisely is, how it works and what it exists of. Read More
Welcome back! Where do I need to go again?
The vacation is over (for most of us), time to go back to the office. But where was it again? Here you can read about the importance of wayfinding. Read More
Social media in the Hospitality Sector
We all know the social media hype and have read plenty of articles about how important it is. The truth is that your hotel needs to be where your guests are right?  Read More
Social media in healthcare
Recognizing the importance of social media is the first step in bringing hospitals into the digital world. Read More
Breaking News: New Office
We have a great anouncement to make, as per this august we will be moving our base of operations to a new location. We will be located in the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam. Here you can find a short article about the upcoming move to the new office! Read More
Meet our New Design Team
In this short section you will get to know our design team a little better. Read More
A cool and intuitive design. Our design team is fully committed to this!
In our digitized life we have to deal with different types of software applications every day. These applications are everywhere we look, which is why we at Prisma IT believe that a well thought out UX design is essential. Read More
Welcome 2021, Welcome CooCoo
For Prisma IT, the start of 2021 is special because from now on we can present our renewed platform to the world! We have worked hard to bring a little more fun to the world. CooCoo has finally become a reality. Read More
Digital Resources in Healthcare
Digitization in healthcare is also causing the necessary changes. What is needed for this and how does digitization improve healthcare. We subdivide digitization into 3 categories, namely the following: Convenience, Quality and Result. Read More
Hospitality and Experience in Healthcare
In order to ensure that the processes within hospitals run smoothly for both patient and doctor, it must be ensured that there is clear communication between hospital and patient, but is it there?   Read More

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