CooCoo, a communication platform together with our partners!

Your own white label Digital eXperience Platform with which you help your customers to send stories, videos and other forms of communication super fast and super simple to all types of customers, employees and the rest of the world.

Heuvelman Sound And Vision

As an audiovisual company, our partner Heuvelman has been a leading player in the audiovisual industry for more than 50 years.

Together we realize innovative and reliable audiovisual total solutions in order to realize the successes of our customers. For example, Heuvelman has been communication strength for fifty years and together we have been offering unique concepts in various sectors for years.

ForeyeT Conclusion

Conclusion ForeyeT partner of CooCoo supplies, develops and manages narrow casting systems. As attention grabbers, public guides, but also as a source of information.

From public transport to retail. From the festival site to the waiting area at the office or hospital. CooCoo and Conclusion ForeyeT together ensure that your message sticks. Literally and figuratively.

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