How is the power of CooCoo™ applied in practice?

Discover how CooCoo™ helps organizations create and share content. We offer a complete platform for communication and interaction may it be with your consumers, business network or your employees. Personal, familiar and easy to use. Create once, share everywhere.

Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Retail & Corporate Communicatie

Dutch Railways uses CooCoo Xperience for all their communications. By using CooCoo instead of multiple different platforms, they simplified their creation and sharing process. This resulted in employees who were more involved and more committed to their jobs. 


Alrijne Hospital

Healthcare Institution

Alrijne Hospital purchased CooCoo Cast to improve hospitality and the overall experience of patients in their hospital. By using our narrowcasting software the hospital managed to improve not only the way they communicate with their patients but also the way they work.

Physiotherapy Leusden

Sport and Healthcare

Physiotherapy Leusden treats patients who deal with physical complaints. Based on a examination they come up with a fitting treatmentplan. This process requires the patients' complete trust. CooCoo helps establish this trust, or relation with the patient. It provides the patients with essential information specifically centered around their treatment.

Business Sector WTC

Offices, Retail and Sports

The WTC wants to give visitors an authentic experience from the moment they enter the building until the moment they set foot outside again. They use CooCoo to guide visitors to the right destination and give them relevant information useful for their visit. Ranging from the menu in the cafeteria to event announcements. 

OV Service shops

Retail and Public Transport

OV Service shops provides travelers with tickets or information regarding their trip. To easily inform travelers and keep them up to date about relevant changes, they use CooCoo cast. The clear communication ensured higher customer satisfaction.

OLVG Hospital

Healthcare Institution

OLVG strives to be the best hospital for their patients in terms of quality. The focus lies on continous improvement. Therefore the overall experience of the patients within the hospital is essential. To keep developing in that area and because of our easily adjustable features they use CooCoo cast.

University of Bielefeld

Universities, Schools and Special Needs Education

Bielefeld university inspires students to be innovative and wants to create spaces so bold ideas can be shared. Online they create this space with CooCoo Site to connect with it's individual students. 

The Salvation Army

Care and Support

The salvation army puts all their efforts into helping those in need. Giving them purpose and guidance. Often times people in need, need basic necessities like clothes which are available for purchase in their stores. With the help of CooCoo Commerce they are able to sell clothes and stay in touch with their customers.


Specialist Care and Wellbeing

Bernhoven operates out of love for people. It's important for the care facility to portray this message to their patients. Not only through the actual care they receive from their staff, but also through the overall communication between Bernhoven and the patient. To do this, they use CooCoo cast. 


Maintenance and Production

ProRail maintains the railways in the Netherlands. They make sure all train traffick runs smoothly and make sure travelers can get to their destinations in clean and safe trains. To engage with the travelers and inform them regarding delays or malfunctions ProRail uses CooCoo Cast. 

Albert Schweitzer Pharmacy

Pharmacies and Healthcare

Albert Schweitzer Pharmacy is an outpatient pharmacy that wants to give appropriate consultations centered around personal attention for each patient. With CooCoo cast they are able to give this and more to their patients. They manage to show their efforts in improving patient communication while also using on scene digital signage and our delaymanager. 

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