Communication App

Commit to a high degree of involvement and keep your employees informed with our communications app with personalized information.

Let them share interesting articles with their networks or colleagues and ensure social interaction via the network.

The CooCoo content manager is the core of our communication platform. With this application you create, plan and distribute all your content to the different online channels. Our content manager uses our linked asset management system. Your organization can provide content through all channels and thus create an omni-channel experience for your different target groups.

Push Notifications
With the help of push notifications, your employees are kept informed when there is important news. Increase involvement and inform your employees directly and personalized with relevant content that is always within their reach.
Social Advocacy
Let your brand ambassadors share content from your company with their networks. Employees use social media and they have followers, connections and likes. Personal stories provide value to your brand. Ambassadors only have to do one thing: share content!
Personalized Content
News becomes more relevant when it is personal. Employees will be more involved with your business. A specific look and feel of the app can also enhance your own branding. A personal environment that offers relevant content ensures a high degree of involvement.

Creative teams, together as one!

Digital experience platforms can be used in a wide range of industries in many cases. See how it can help improve your business.

"CooCoo delivers Simplicitcy & happieness to your organization, a smile for everyone"

A digital Experience platform for the ideal content strategy that will make you, your colleagues and your customers happy!
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