Content Manager

We help plan, create and distribute your content across different channels.

Our CMS offers a full content service to keep everything organized and supported in the creation of high-quality content.

The CooCoo content manager is the core of our communication platform. With this application you create, plan and distribute all your content to the different online channels. Our content manager uses our linked asset management system. Your organization can provide content through all channels and thus create an omni-channel experience for your different target groups.

Content Planning Module
Play your content whenever you want. Plan when content starts and stops. Create the complete strategy and experience the ease of planning, automatic removal of content is pre-arranged.
Roles and Rights Structure
All roles and rights can be set so that users only have access to which they are authorized to. From a central role, uniformity and accessibility of the application is directed down to the smallest detail.
Scalable Design
CooCoo loves every device. Every screen format displays your content from now on. Our templates scale on any screen. Small or large, vertical or horizontal. Everything is neatly displayed without any effort.

Creative teams, together as one!

Digital Xperience Platforms can be used in a wide range of industries in many cases. See how it can help improve your business.

"CooCoo gives you a head start in your online Communication. Create once, share everywhere"

A Digital Xperience Platform for content strategies that will serve as a solution for your organization!''   
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