Realtime Dashboard

Measure the performance of your strategy with actionable insights via the real time dashboard component of CooCoo.

See which content has the most impact and generates the highest interaction and helps with your desired conversion.

The CooCoo dashboard gives you a quick and real-time overview of the performance of your campaigns and content. The information is easy to interpret, the next actions can be taken immediately. In addition to the main statistics, the real time dashboard provides detailed data on the possible future actions.

Fast and clear data analysis
The real time dashboard shows you at a glance how a campaign is performing. It offers a quick diagnosis of potential bottlenecks. The data allows you to refer directly to the content and the results. Real time dashboards give a direct impression of your impact and reach.
Agile and ready for action
No more complicated Excel sheets and sifting through outdated data. With the real time dashboard you are able to view results and answer your questions immediately. With our on-the-go analyzes you can optimize in real time for the best results.
Increase your online sales
By using the information that is at your fingertips in a dashboard, you can initiate actions faster and make better decisions that immediately improve results. A familiar dashboard gives a greater sense of control over your campaigns.

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