Delay Manager

Do you want to use the screens for waiting rooms? Then our delay manager is the ideal solution.

With this extra module we can link agendas of, for example, general practitioners or medical specialists in order to show the delay time or reservation time on the screens. This way your customer knows when it is her turn.

Sometimes it is useful to be able to indicate on screens what the waiting time is for visitors in, for example, the hospital, at the pharmacy or in meeting rooms. With this extra module we can link calendars to display the exit time on the screens.

Presence and absence
Show in your waiting room who is present today. With the help of a simple on and off button, the employees present are displayed on the screen. This introduces colleagues in a personal way.
Link to existing agenda
If the organization uses a booking system, it can be linked to your calendar system and we will show it on the screens. There is also a simple input module to directly display information.
Create Teams and Groups  
You can cluster your calendars with the help of groups. Handy if, several colleagues are present in a specific department. Entire teams can be presented in this way to provide more information about availability.

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