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Show information from other applications? Every organization has different needs and different objectives. This alone differs per sector.

In order to meet all requirements, our narrow casting solution is so flexible that we can design it according to the wishes of the customer. Check out some examples of third-party plugins and services that work with our software.


The CooCoo content manager is the core of our communication platform. With this application you create, plan and distribute all your content to the different online channels. Our content manager uses our linked asset management system. Your organization can provide content through all channels and thus create an omni-channel experience for your different target groups.

News, weather and traffic
Keeps your content up-to-date by showing current information about everyday things in the world. You can easily add high-quality content with the plug-ins in the app store. Provide relevant information and provide interesting information on all your channels.
Social Listening
Easily follow the sentiment on social media about your own organization and other interesting topics. Know what scores and what needs more attention. The app store offers a link with the hippest channels and ensures that you are always present!
Collaborate with other services
A platform today must be able to easily cooperate with other interesting services. By simply exchanging data with other apps and services, you can quickly anticipate trends and adjust your strategy immediately.

Creative teams, together as one!

Digital experience platforms can be used in a wide range of industries in many cases. See how it can help improve your business.

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