CooCoo, a Digital Xperience Platform

CooCoo allows you to easily send all your stories, videos and other forms of communication to your customers, employees and the rest of the world.

CooCoo Xperience™

Manage all your touch points to create the ultimate experience.

CooCoo Xperience™ helps your brand become a star by creating perosnalized content and perfecting the customer journey. This product is a combination of all CooCoo products, CooCoo Cast, CooCoo Engage, CooCoo Commerce and CooCoo site. 


CooCoo Cast™

Create large-scale appealing content for off or online experiences on location, on digital screens. Share information in real time with our narrowcasting software.

CooCoo Engage™

Manage all your social channels in one place. Follow the conversation around your business and engage with your target audience. Create real fans and improve customer satisfaction. Stop selling, start telling.


CooCoo Commerce™

With CooCoo Commerce™ you help create unified, smart digital shopping experiences for both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

By implementing CooCoo Commerce you extend the physical in-store experience of the customer to the online experience on their devices. Conveniently use the data collected via CooCoo Commerce to optimize conversion rates.


CooCoo Site™

CooCoo Site™ will be your leader in a responsive website designs.

Stand out in the crowd with a professional website or webshop. Easily use the online world for your organization to make a difference. Use CooCoo site to make landing pages and newsletters that reach your target audience. 

"CooCoo gives you a head start in your online Communication. Create once, share everywhere"

A Digital Xperience Platform for content strategies that will serve as a solution for your organization!''   
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