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Let Social Media do the talking. With CooCoo Engage ™ we love to keep your brand strong.

Let your employees share your story and build a strong social network around you. Stop selling, start telling.

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How can CooCoo Engage™ help your business? Reach your employees and use the potential of community building. To build brand awareness, find talented people, drive sales and have happy employees.

Find qualified employees
Find qualified and talented employees with CooCoo Engage™. According to Jobvite, employee-recommended candidates are found 55% faster, cost less to recruit, get on board faster, and stay longer.
Create the ultimate offline and online experience.
Build brand credibility on real content shared by employees. This is more appreciated than if the same content is shared by your business. With CooCoo Engage ™ you can build on this credibility.
Growth in turnover with social selling.
With CooCoo Engage™ you immediately start strengthening your sales and marketing. Share relevant content, communicate directly with potential buyers and customers. Let your employees become experts in their field.

Stop selling, start telling!

Let your employees become experts in their field. Put your employees at the center of your social communication!

Patients give OLVG an 8.2 for care and hospitality

Through the use of good communication, this has contributed to a significant increase in customer satisfaction.


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