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CooCoo™ offers you a smart and user friendly tool with which you can create and publish content easily via different channels and/or devices.

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CooCoo, your Digital Xperience Platform

Create stories, videos or other forms of content for your customers, employees and the rest of the world. 

CooCoo allows you to create and share content easily by setting up campaigns and sharing them via the DXP platform to social media channels, your own communications app, digital screens or other online channels. 

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Dutch Railways: Customer satisfaction increased with 86%

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Let your employees share your story and build a strong social network around you. Stop selling, start sharing real personal experiences. Read More
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With CooCoo Cast you can create a personalized content using narrowcasting. Convert digital screens into a personal experience! Read More
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CooCoo Xperience helps your brand become a star! Create personalized and enchanting experiences and make them unforgettable. Read More

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